Setting Up ASOLAR PANEL System Or Solar Charging Station

Solar powered systems are the most eco-friendly sources of power. With increased global warming and growing power requirements, people slowly are realizing on the power generation techniques that come with a small ecological footprint. Campers, RV owners would tell you how beneficial a SOLAR PANEL can be. You would have seen more and more solar charging stations being installed for street lighting. Solar charging stations can be of different capacities. Solar charging stations could be tree or pole structures, roof structures or umbrellas.

Based on the power requirements and the place where it would be installed, you would be able to choose the best charging station to buy. The common one is the one you find in residential buildings. These are slow and can offer overnight charging. To charge electric vehicles, there are parking lots with solar charging stations- roof structures. In places that require rapid charging, like in the highways, power more than 40kW would be suitable.

If you are looking for a solar charging system to carry with you for your camping trips, in your RV, you might consider checking the [review 2016] solar compact generators. Solar generators of various capacities and combinations can yield solar kits to suit every situation. The recent years have seen the growing trend of briefcase generators- compact yet powerful making them the perfect choices for campers. Do not get fooled by their size. They are small sized generators that produce energy as high as 1000Wh.

One of the most common batteries you might find in smaller solar kits is the 12V battery. So how do find an 18ah battery – 12V best quality??? Compare the various 12V batteries, their charging times, size and other aspects. Like we discussed, a compact battery and solar generator would be more convenient if you are looking for a portable solar charging system. A combination of the 12V batteries should be able to fulfill the requirements of a larger power system.

For small scale applications, solar panel with 400watts to be used for solar energy requirements would be suitable.Most 400watt systems might come with 12V battery in the kit by default. This is an ideal starter kit for RVs, caravans, trailers and boats.

If you plan to get a solar charging panel, a charging station installed in your house, calculate your daily power usage. A detailed power breakup of the various electrical appliances and devices in the house, the usage time and their ratings should be made. This would help you understand the number of solar panels required as well as the batteries essential for the complete setup. Then take into account the solar panel’s wattage and use the daily watt-hour consumption figure. This would give you the number of solar panels required. Another thing to consider is whether you would need an inverter. Once you have completely set up a solar charging station, you would be able to significantly cut down your energy bills. The initial set up costs might look expensive but the long term benefits make this expense a worthy one.