Outside Is The New Inside When It Comes to B-B-Q

The fun about cooking a fantastic B-B-Q meal is the fact that it is not done under any roof. Aligned with nature, amongst the trees and the greenery, under a star-studded sky, a B-B-Q is a festival by itself.

When it comes to outdoor cooking, a lot of things have to be considered. It never used to be the ideal place for cooking before. Invention and innovation have made room for a lot of new things such as cooking in the wilderness. A barbeque meal can be an exciting prospect. Added with music, dancing and a campfire, summer and spring seasons are filled with such dinners.

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to outdoor cooking.


* Light a fire without permit

* Burn rubbish and grass without permit

* Light a fire in the forest without permit

* Smoke near flammable items and propane bottle

The (Electric) Top quality grill for outdoor usage!! is a recommendable grill that can be used in the open. This grill does not run the risk of an open flame. Chances of starting a forest fire are very minimal. Purists avoid an electric grill like the plague. To them, electric grills do not come under the category of a barbeque.

There are a few who are either not comfortable with the workload that comes with a charcoal grill or who are not fond of cleaning up either. In such a situation, the electric grill is a dream come true. They get to avoid all the work and yet have a barbeque.

A very good electric grill can create incredibly juicy perfectly seared and caramelised meals. There is also a health benefit attached to it. The hassle is avoided and money is saved. To a person who is fairly new to this kind of cooking, an electric grill can work like a charm. This grill for outside use is made by George Foreman.

The George Foreman has many advantages over other electric grills. It heats up really quickly. The control knob of the temperature adjusts the heat from high to low. The non-stick surface is easily accessible and can be cleaned with ease. A dishwasher can be used to clean the grill. With a sloping surface, the grease and the fat can just roll down leaving a leaner meat on the grill for cooking. The food still tastes good despite the lack of fat in it.

The electric grill is designed in such a way that it reduces the amount of fat in the meal. It is believed that leaner is healthier. It is also said that the flame will produce carcinogens that are potentially a killer. An electric grill is hence considered to be safer in many aspects.

Weber is one of the most selling brands when it comes to BBQ. Weber E310 has cool spirit in it! With study quality, easy to use features and convenient cooking area, BBQ lovers love to use the Weber Products.

Char broil real infrared grill for outdoors is also an option to consider. With outdoor cooking being loved more and more, it has become the fancier kitchen for many.